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Recent Modular Solutions In Action
4XM’s Modern System 40™ Offices
Accucaps System 40™ CNC Enclosure
WildPlay’s Mist Rider Niagara Falls Kiosk
Enterprise’s Underground System 40™ Rental Kiosk
Six Nations System 40™ Office

Car Parts Manufacturers Elevated Guardhouse
Provincial Partitions Custom HazMat Enclosure
ESC Partners With Provincial Partitions To Build An E-Room
Napier-Reid Custom Retrofitted Proflex® Containers
Custom Retrofitted Control Room Enclosure Built For J.J. McGuire
Multimatics’ System 40™ Quality Assurance Lab
CBB’s System 40™ Quality Assurance Lab
QSS Precision Components System 40™ Quality Assurance Office
TTC’s System 40™ In Plant Office Solutions
Billyard Insurance Groups “High-End” Executive Offices
Bird Construction’s Smoke Shelter
Provincial Partitions Guardhouse & Kiosks Video
Bird Construction’s Elevated Guardhouse
Technophar’s New State-Of-The-Art System 40™ Clean Room
Bird Construction’s Custom Bike Shelter
360 Mobile System 40™ Executive Offices
ShawCor’s Portable Proflex® Control Room Proflex®
Cyclone Isolates 5,400 Sq. Ft. With System 40™ Wall
Electrical Control Shelters In The Furthest Regions Of Canada
Tweed Marijuana Inc. Custom System 40™ Lab
National Car Rentals System 40™ Executive Offices
Veterinary Purchasing’s Elevated System 40™ In Plant Office
Telecommunications Shelters & Electrical Control Houses
MRM’s Elevated In Plant Office
Environment Canada’s Eight Remote Air Monitoring Labs
Konecranes Quick Install System 40™ Offices & Mezzanine
Advanced Auto Sales Custom Octagonal Sales Pavilion
Installed Overnight: A Custom System 40™ Bulletproof Cashiers Booth
Dana Canada Corporations Clean Room “Part Two”

Provincial Partitions Online eNewsletter Current & Past Issues
Volume 12, Number 1 Accucaps CNC, WildPlay Niagara Kiosk, Enterprise Kiosk
Volume 11, Number 4 Six Nations System 40™, Guard House, Custom HazMat
Volume 11, Number 3 ESC, Napier-Reid, J.J. McGuire
Volume 11, Number 2 Multimatic, CBB, QSS Precision
Volume 11, Number 1 TTC In Plant Offices, Billyard, Exco
Volume 10, Number 6 Crestline Quick Ship, Bird Smoke Shelter, Kiosks Video
Volume 10, Number 5 Bird Guardhouse, Prokit Steel Framing
Volume 10, Number 4 Technophar, Bird Bike Shelter, Pro-part New Offices
Volume 10, Number 3 360 Mobile, Mecsmart, ShawCor
Volume 10, Number 2 Cyclone, ControlShelters, Howard Marten, Tweed
Volume 10, Number 1 National, Vet Purchasing, MRM, Telecomm Shelters

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