equipco_caseCase History:
Bridgeville, Pennsylvania

Equipco, the oldest Hyster forklift dealer in the United States and one of Provincial Partitions’ dealers, approached PPL to provide them with a much needed in plant office for their service department in their forklift service area. In January, Equipco had launched a dedicated Allied sales team to better service material handling needs of customers. The problem was that the sales team needed a noise-free work environment and sound transmission through the walls was a concern.

With Provincial Partitions’ patented System 40™ walls, substantial sound reduction was achieved. With an STC rating of 44, our proprietary System 40™ proved to be just what Equipco required. In addition, PPL included a steel exterior for durability since the office was situated in a busy forklift service area. Equipco also requested that PPL include a smooth vinyl interior surface, which has the benefit of being easy to clean. Don Heberle at Equipco was very satisfied with the job: “Provincial Partitions’ factory installation crew did a great job and were very easy to work with.” Much to the benefit of PPL, this new in plant office will also double as a showplace for customers interested in Provincial Partitions’ modular offices.

For over sixty years, Equipco has been a leader in providing effective and efficient solutions in the Material Handling process. To learn more about Equipco, visit their website at www.equipco.com A total of nineteen offices in all were installed.

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