Toronto Region Conservation Authority

Case History Example:
canross_1Toronto Region Conservation Authority
Woodbridge, Ontario

Situated adjacent to the idylic Kortright Conservation Centre on the Humber River, and needing to accommodate code requirements regarding the storage of solutions used to study biological specimens, the Toronto Region Conservation Authority knew they needed a Hazardous Material storage building.

With the increased scrutiny of compliance to the fire code, Hazardous Materials Storage Buildings are becoming an essential part of any industrial or commercial facility. The TRCA does important work monitoring and managing the natural resources on a watershed basis. Spill containment flooring systems are an essential requirement to providing a safe means of storing any hazardous material without damaging the environment. The rugged nature of the Provincial Partition product line positioned Provincial Partitions favourably over the competition. Provincial Partitions was able to provide one of their industry leading Hazmat storage building.

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