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Designed, Manufactured, Installed Within 4 Weeks!
cs_3_lrgAn elevated in plant office from Provincial Partitions Ltd. is the perfect way to save valuable floor space while accommodating increased personnel or materials. We incorporate structural steel mezzanines within our partition system to allow an office upstairs and storage space below or virtually any set up you envision. Wall components assemble quickly without mechanical fasteners, making relocation or modification simple. Mezzanine offices are available with the full range of features offered in other offices systems. Your choice of durable steel or low maintenance vinyl panels, a wide variety of window and door selections, full electrical packages and sound and temperature control options are tailored to your specific needs.

Case History Example:
The Jones Apparel Group
Concord, Ontario

The Jones Apparel Group worked with the Provincial Partitions’ design team to solve an interior space problem. Although it was a brand new facility, floor space was at a premium.

Provincial Partitions Ltd’s solution was to utilize the unused space above their existing shipping bays – 2500 sq. ft. of new office space elevated by a modular structural steel mezzanine spanning the shipping doors below. After the design was approved, Provincial Partitions Ltd manufactured both the Modular Structural Steel Mezzanine as well as the prefinished wall and ceiling system for this project.

Two weeks later Provincial Partitions Ltd’s installation crews arrived on site to erect the new structure. Provincial Partitions Ltd’s staff installed the mezzanine including a catwalk linking the offices to their automated racking system. Walls, windows, flooring, ceiling and full electrical package followed to complete the new in plant office complex – 2500 sq. ft. of valuable floor space.

The Modular solution took only 4 weeks to complete. From design through to manufacturing and installation, Provincial Partitions Ltd offered Jones Apparel the complete solution.

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