Case History:
Toronto, Ontario

Siemens needed an onsite Mobile Trailer to oversee the ongoing retooling efforts at the Point Lepreaux nuclear power facility in New Brunswick.

siemens_2Provincial Partitions designed, manufactured and delivered a Mobile Trailer on time and on budget!

A singlewide 12’x60’ mobile trailer, designed and engineered to meet specific new code requirements for nuclear facilities was constructed and delivered. Siemens was so impressed with the quality, turnaround time, and end product – they ordered a second unit!

Provincial Partitions manufactures wheeled portable units for temporary or long term use anywhere. Units are available in standard 10′ and 12′ widths and in lengths up to 60′. Custom widths are also available. The trailers can be equipped with all the amenities required for staff to work comfortably around the clock. These wheeled mobile offices, trailers and office complexes can be purchased or leased.

siemens_logoSiemens is a company committed to delivering tailored technology that is more powerful, more efficient, more competitive, and easier to maintain. Siemens has many years experience in power generation – but beyond that – take seriously the responsibility for health, safety, and the protection of the environment. To learn more about Siemens in Canada visit their website here.

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