Prototype Circuits Inc.

Case History Example:
prototypePrototype Circuits Inc.
Scarborough, Ontario

When Prototype Circuits Inc., a world innovator in the production of high tech circuit boards, required interior partitioning for their manufacturing facility they initially considered block construction; but given their ever changing needs, block construction was not a viable solution. They investigated stud and drywall but they realized that the dust would cause problems with their operations, not to mention the on-site time required with conventional construction. Barry Bristow, plant manager for Prototype Circuits Inc. approached Provincial Partitions for a solution.

System 40™ was the answer. Within a week Provincial Partitions had a plant divider wall installed to separate enviromentally controlled rooms from the rest of this facility.

“I like the cleanliness of the system, it doesn’t affect the integrity of my product,” says Barry, “I also like the ease of disassembly, my own forces can knock the wall down in a jiffy when I need to relocate my production lines. The system changes and expands as my needs change.”

Since the original installation, Barry has specified System 40™ for all of his interior needs. “I can use the system for all of my requirements from simple divider walls to more involved Clean Rooms and when I get to a point when this facility is too small, I can take all of these walls with me. Not only do I reap the benefits of not having to buy new material, but it’s also environmentally friendly, knowing that I can reuse 99% of the components and none of the material gets thrown into the garbage.

System 40™ is built to last. The pre-coated metal clad panels are easily cleaned, and highly resistant to impact, abrasion and chemicals. Low maintenance, durable vinyl gypsum panels are also available. All components are selected for long product life.

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