Elevated Guardhouse

Case History:
Guard House Mississauga, Ontario

A large, multinational, heavy stamping car parts manufacturer wanted to replace their existing Guard House facility with a more modern, functional structure.

Guard House

At the entrance to the plant, an inoperative weight scale ramp, originally slated for demolition, was repurposed to provide elevation for the new structure, thus eliminating the significant expense had demolition been carried out.

Measuring 10’x26′, this Wood Frame Exterior building was built entirely at Provincial Partitions state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Mississauga, Ontario. The unit was delivered fully turnkey, including bringing all required site services to the new structure, and was ready for services to be hooked up the same day. The new structure included an ADA compliant washroom and fully automated windows for ergonomic transfer of paperwork from guard to driver. The exterior staircase accommodated a modification to the entranceway to include the addition of a handicap lift. By choosing a modular structure as opposed to conventional built on-site methods, the client was able to maintain their day to day operations. This avoided the disruption of on-site forces while accelerating the construction schedule promoting significant savings when compared to conventional construction methods.

Provincial Partitions functional and space efficient guardhouses and kiosks give years of economical trouble free operation. Kiosks include windows, full electrical package, hinged or sliding door and exterior grade roof. Work counters, HVAC, overhangs or canopies are available options. Provincial Partitions’ booths arrive completely finished and can usually be operational the same day.

Whether standard or custom, Provincial Partitions’ Guardhouses and Kiosks are built to meet your specific requirements for space, cost, weight, appearance, maintenance and security.

Kiosks include work counter, windows, full electrical package, hinged or sliding door, exterior grade roof, overhangs or canopies are also available. Provincial Partitions’ booths arrive pre-assembled and can usually be operational the same day. Typical uses include toll booths, information centers, security gates, ticket booths and other applications calling for weather protection or access control.

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