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Electrical Control Shelters Installed Throughout The Furthest Regions Of Canada

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Provincial Partitions prefabricated electrical control houses are prefinished structures built to the most exacting demands of our customer requirements. One valued client has purchased and installed more than 54 structures to date, with another 4 under construction on the plant floor right now. Most of these same structures have been sent to some of the most remote areas in Canada, including Nunavut, Newfoundland & Labrador and The Yukon.

Electrical Enclosure

Electrical Shelters in the furthest regions of CanadaMany are used to house sophisticated equipment and can tolerate the extremes of temperatures – from sub-zero to near tropical. Unmanned remote units can be equipped with economizer HVAC systems to heat or cool the units only as needed. They are frequently demountable enabling easy teardown and shipping and include galvanized skids complete with forklift pockets for easy placement in locations with limited access. These custom structures are built using steel and are engineered to withstand the extremes of any environment. Additionally, steel structures make it possible to accommodate heavy equipment when installed. These shelters are fabricated indoors in our plant then shipped to some of the most remote and inaccessible sites throughout Canada and the entire United States.

Bear Prints(Enlarge the photo at right.) Upon closer inspection, you will notice Bear Paw prints on the exterior of one of our installed shelters. Not only are our buildings made to withstand the extremes of climate, they seem also to be able to endure the curiosity of the local wildlife.

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