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System 40Flexibility and convenience with the ease of modular ‘Plug-and-Play’ makes our patented System 40™ the ideal space management choice. Office space needs change and System 40™ has the built in flexibility to make relocations or expansions simple. Assembly is accomplished without mechanical fasteners and all panels are interchangeable. Reconfigure any wall, door, glazed window or entire structure used in our patented system easily… the options are infinite!


Partitions are finished in low maintenance washable vinyls specially selected in colors and textures that compliment the look of today‘s interior designs.

Details such as door trim and moldings are carefully matched for appearance.

cross_sectionGlazed partitions are easily incorporated into System 40™ designs. Choose from clear, laminated, tinted, wired and thermopane – sliding windows are also available. Doors are prefinished, wood core combined with steel frames and commercial hardware to give the look of permanence and durability that can only be achieved with quality components.

Cavity wall construction enables electrical and mechanical services from within. View Specifications

A minimal number of system parts means easy assembly and quick replacement or dismantling for storage.

smithsThe scope of a project is limited only by your imagination. The image to the right illustrates an installation where there will be three mezzanine units totalling more than15,200 square feet, providing two story office structures where once, only a warehouse facility existed.

System 40™ assembles faster and cleaner than conventional construction. This means less mess and downtime, quicker project turnaround and thus less business interruption. Panels are easily modified on site to suit even the most critical dimension. Virtually any layout is possible. Combine door, window and wall panels to meet your current needs, knowing that you have the flexibility to expand or relocate in the future.

Modular System 40™ is available in any configuration or wall height. Use 5′ bank height to define administrative areas and full height in executive areas for maximum privacy and sound control.

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