Storage Buildings

Recognizing the need for the proper handling and storing of chemical and flammable materials is critical. With the increased scrutiny of compliance to the fire code, Hazardous Materials Storage Buildings are becoming an essential part of any industrial or commercial facility.

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Standard Storage Building units are available in either Steel Frame Exterior or Wood Frame Exterior configurations. All include a large rollup door for easy loading and unloading. Some units are available and in stock now right now.

* Standard Sizes include:

  • 8’x8′
  • 8’x10′
  • 8’x12′
  • 10’x10′
  • 10’x12′
  • 10’x16′
  • 10’x20′
  • 12’x10′
  • 12’x16′
  • 12’x20′

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