Wood Framed Interior

stackable_wfiProvincial Partitions’ Wood Framed Interior Structures arrive prefinished and include full electrical packages, ceiling system, doors, windows, flooring, interior wall finish and roof covering. These preassembled structures allow all related construction, assembly to be quality controlled within Provincial Partitions’ manufacturing facilities.

wfi_compNo on site construction
Temperature Control
Noise Reduction
“Plug & Play” Connection

Subfloor Assemblies (Wood or Steel)
Multi-sectional Structures (to construct larger complexes)
Stackable Two Storey Units

*11 Standard Sizes:

  • 8’x8’
  • 8’x10’
  • 8’x12’
  • 10’x10’
  • 10’x12’
  • 10’x14’
  • 10’x16’
  • 10’x20’
  • 11’6”x12’
  • 11’6”x16’
  • 11’6”x20’

*Custom sizes and layouts are a specialty of Provincial Partitions, we can build whatever you need.

Our prefinished preassembled structures arrive ready; site set up is often complete within a matter of hours.

To request a quotation on how your next building project might benefit by using our unique line of modular space solutions, please feel free to fill out our online RFQ form or contact us directly at sales@pro-part.com