E Rooms

System 40Provincial Partitions provides the Ultimate in modular E-Room powder application rooms and we have led the industry in the innovation and development of powder application room technology. Provincial Partitions is the only provider that supplies and installs rooms and environmental systems specifically designed to meet the requirements of powder application. View a flash demo here.

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Each Provincial Partitions environmental room system is custom designed to meet the requirement of each unique manufacturing situation. Provincial Partitions has an ongoing research and development program dedicated to continually improving our system, meeting the changing needs of the industry and providing the most cost effective and energy efficient powder application room available anywhere.

Proper equipment selection and specification: Provincial Partitions has done extensive investigation into the product lines of all the major equipment manufacturer’s to provide the best equipment to fit the varying conditions and situations encountered in this diverse industry. Selection and specification of HVAC equipment will be dictated by cost effectiveness and functionality in each unique system.

Comprehensive HVAC load calculation: Proper sizing of the environmental system is crucial. Provincial Partitions, working with numerous mechanical and systems engineers, has developed an extensive computer load calculating program incorporating all potential load sources unique to powder application rooms. Factors included in this calculation; plant ambient temperature, lighting heat gain, booth motor heat, operating personnel, air infiltration, duct system leakage, air loss through conveyor openings, product heat, conveyor heat, latent cooling required for dehumidification, re-heat capacity (false loading), humidification loads. This allows Provincial Partitions to specify the correct components for a system, providing a cost effective, energy efficient installation.

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