Custom Modular Auto Display

audi_heroAn upscale car manufacturer needed to showcase their product line in a manner that was consistent with their showroom terminal buildings. To find innovative and interesting ways to bring the showroom to an upscale audience a modular unit was determined to be the perfect solution. The unit needed to be aesthetic as well as durable. The final display was configured to easily facilitate transportation using either truck or train with a simple loading and unloading process.

audi_hero_2The technical challenge was to maximize the view of the car. A steel welded structure able to withstand the rigors of transport was critical given the amount of glass employed, which included two pillarless corners. An eclectic range of materials such as light diffusing membranes in the ceiling, custom cut and folded stainless steel cladding, LED lighting and a plasma display all contributed to the final spectacular effect.

Cost effectiveness was consistent with the car manufacturers philosophy – to create only the finest display possible. The portable showroom is not only unique in the automotive industry but it appeals to a discerning end client with the goal being to bring the showroom to them.

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