Surface Mount Technology Centre

Office space needs change and our patented System 40™ office system has the built in flexibility to make relocations or expansions simple. Assembly is accomplished without mechanical fasteners, and all panels are interchangeable. A minimal number of system parts means easy assembly, replacement or storage. smtOur system assembles more quickly and cleanly than conventional construction. This means less mess and downtime, quicker project turnaround thus less business interruption. Panels are easily modified on site to suit even the most critical dimension. Virtually any layout is possible. Combine door, window and wall panels to meet your current needs, knowing that you have the flexibility to expand or relocate in the future.

Case History Example:
Surface Mount Technology Centre
Markham, Ontario

When the Surface Mount Technology Centre recently expanded their facility in Markham they also needed to accommodate an increase in office staff. An office environment was required that was both functional and suitable for the company’s executives.

After considering many options, they felt that Provincial Partitions Ltd. could provide the most aesthetically pleasing product with cost effectiveness in mind. The end result is a fully glazed tinted partition wall. This enables the executives to have the privacy they need, and with the incorporation of the tinted glass they are still in touch with their team members. “I also like the fact that natural light can enter throughout the rest of the office,” says SMT’s president Paul Walker.

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