Six Nations

Case History Example:
Six Nations System 40 Administration OfficesSix Nations
Brantford, Ontario

The Six Nations Elected Council needed new administrative offices to provide a more modern, and secure facility for their growing requirements.

Six Nations System 40 Administration OfficesWorking closely with Sherry Lee Lickers and Michael Montour of Six Nations, Domenic Logozzo of Provincial Partitions helped to design and oversee the final installation of sixteen private offices, a boardroom, a lunchroom, and a separate reception area.

Using primarily standard components, this was easily accomplished due to the flexibility and convenience of Provincial Partitions modular ‘Plug-and-Play’ System 40™ which assembles faster and cleaner than conventional construction. System 40™ panels are easily modified on site to suit even the most critical dimension. Virtually any layout is possible. Combine door, window and wall panels to meet your current needs, knowing that you have the flexibility to expand or relocate in the future.

In total, more than 2,000 square feet of new office space was constructed. Local help was included to assist in the installation and as a result, the project was completed ahead of schedule.

Provincial Partitions welcomes the opportunity to solve your unique modular space requirements. With each project we improve and develop our product offering with an exacting attention to detail. With custom applications we do the work that others can’t.

Flexibility and convenience makes all of Provincial Partitions product offering the ideal space management choice. To request a quotation on how your next building project might benefit by using our unique line of modular space solutions, please feel free to fill out our online RFQ form or contact us directly at