RBW Graphics

rbwCase History Example:
RBW Graphics,
Owen Sound, Ontario

RBW graphics wanted their Quality Control team located in the midst of their production process area. The area was dusty and noisy, hardly an ideal environment for working with the precision equipment that was required. Size was another consideration, it had to be big enough to comfortably accomodate staff and machinery, yet had to fit between printing presses.

A small 8’x 30′ Control Room was constructed, designed for maximum reduction in sound transmission. A series of sliding front panels allows easy access for servicing of the machinery that the control room houses. Windows necessary for an unobstructed view of the press rows are thermally broken for greater sound transmission reduction. The enclosure is air conditioned to maintain a comfortable climate controlled working environment. The modular design of the enclosure will make it possible to relocate to another area of the plant in a matter of hours should plant layout changes occur. A total solution that can keep up to the changing, fast paced work environment.

System 40™ is built to last. The pre-coated metal clad panels are easily cleaned, and highly resistant to impact, abrasion and chemicals. Low maintenance, durable vinyl gypsum panels are also available. All components are selected for long product life.

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