Ontario Hydro

Provincial Partitions Ltd. has the strength and expertise to design and build just about anything imaginable. A fully certified weld shop forms the backbone of Provincial Partitions operation allowing us to fabricate complex structural components such as this crane-liftable office.


Case History Example:
Tiverton, Ontario

A Nuclear Power generating facility in Ontario had the need for movable offices and tool cribs. These would be relocated to different areas of the turbine bay floor as routine maintenance was conducted on the generating equipment. Provincial Partitions Ltd. was given the task to come up with a design proposal that would allow the entire office complex or tool crib to be picked up by overhead crane and relocated to different locations on the turbine bay floor. All equipment and furniture was to remain inside the structures and only a simple disconnect for electrical, sprinkler and communication would be required prior to the relocation.

Provincial Partitions Ltd. constructed (2) one-piece cranable structures at our Ontario facility. Each structure was 12’ wide by 60’ long and was designed around the principles of a bridge truss. Once all the welding was completed System 40 walls were erected to enclose this structure.

These cranable structures were constructed of steel throughout and therefore rated as non-combustible. Each structure was self-sufficient with electrical, HVAC, sprinkler and communication systems built-in. Structures were shipped via flat bed trailer directly into the generating facility and off loaded and placed by overhead crane.

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