Northern Telecom

Case History Example:
nt_caseNorthern Telecom,
Brampton, Ontario

Faced with meeting a smoking by-law deadline, Northern Telecom’s digital switching plant discovered that it did not have adequate space to house its smokers.

“We determined the percentage of smokers and decided we would need five smoking areas placed at various locations throughout the plant,” says Jim Anderson, facilities manager, Northern Telecom.

Flexibility was established as the key issue. As production needs change within the facility, the use of floor space also changes. Consequently, the designated smoking rooms had to be relocatable.

Each of the five rooms were custom tailored to suit a particular location of the plant. The rooms are constructed of 40-inch modular panels. The panels are completely interchangeable, allowing for solid, window and door panel sections to be completely reconfigured. The standard 40-inch modules can be used to create rooms that house from one person to 100 people, depending on the needs of the facility.

To control smoke within the rooms, a ventilation system was installed. The system draws the smoke-filled air within the room through a series of filters and exhausts clean air back into the plant. The smoking rooms are finished in metal clad panels and special ceiling tiles so they will not hold odours and will facilitate cleaning. In addition, self-supporting ceilings provide the protection from dust and help reduce sound transmission.

Both the ventilation system and self-supported ceilings are modular in design, allowing for smoking rooms to be moved and reassembled over a weekend.

System 40™ is built to last. The pre-coated metal clad panels are easily cleaned, and highly resistant to impact, abrasion and chemicals. Low maintenance, durable vinyl gypsum panels are also available. All components are selected for long product life.

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