Imperial Leaf Tobacco

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Imperial Leaf Tobacco
Aylmer, Ontario, Canada

Provincial Partitions helps to solve noise and dust problems. Imperial Leaf Tobacco required that the picking line be separated from the processing areas of the plant. This area had to be isolated for both sound and dust control.

A number of problems would make this wall erection difficult: certain areas between the conveyors and adjacent machinery had minimum space to work in and no machinery could be moved to facilitate erection of the wall. This precluded the use of anything other than a modular and prefinished thin walled pre-engineered system. Provision had to be made to access the conveyor bearings for servicing. These bearings were no more than 4″ away from the future wall. the wall system had to be constructed of metal for durability and ease of housekeeping.

Provincial Partitions erected more than 300 lineal feet of 12 foot high semi-glazed partition in a very tight area. System 40™ metal panels with low maintenance prefinished 5000 series silicone polyester paint finish were used. A high density insulation was sandwiched in the wall cavity to provide superior sound reduction properties. All joints, wall terminations and openings were sealed with caulking and gaskets to ensure system integrity. Over 20 individually customized access panels were provided to service the conveyor bearings. Each insulated access panel can be removed and re-installed without the use of tools. Specialized silicone gaskets were used around the openings to effectively sheild against noise and dust. Provision was also incorporated in the wall assembly for both forklift and personel traffic in the impact traffic doors and man doors.

Provincial Partitions System 40™ is built to last. The pre-coated metal clad panels are easily cleaned, and highly resistant to impact, abrasion and chemicals. Low maintenance, durable vinyl gypsum panels are also available. All components are selected for long product life.

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