Dearcroft Montessori School

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kapuskasing_aDearcroft Montessori School
Oakville, Ontario

Located on an historic estate within walking minutes of the town of Oakville, Dearcroft Montessori School blends into pleasant, treed surroundings on an attractive two-acre campus. When deciding to add a School Portable the prerequisite was that it mirror the upscale environment and aesthetic.


A conventional school portable would most definitely not fit the bill. Provincial Partitions’ did not disappoint. Using their patented PROKIT® line of steel pre-framed floors, walls, and ceilings a new, spacious classroom with large windows and a unique building design combine to provide a bright, cheerful indoor learning environment.
Provincial Partitions used their new line of PROKIT® steel pre-framed components to build a 3-piece 36×30 ft. portable classroom. As an added bonus, using steel ensured the structural integrity required to crane the new unit into place. Gordon Phippen, Director/Owner of the Dearcroft Montessori School said, “I’m sure it’s not every project you undertake which requires an 80-ton crane to lift the sections into place over an existing building! Despite having to accommodate this reality and also the need to be minimally disruptive to our everyday school operations, Provincial Partitions passed this test with flying colours!”

dearcroft_logoFounded in 1968 Dearcroft Montessori School is an independent preparatory day school program offering Pre-School, Junior Elementary, Senior Elementary and Junior High level classes. Since moving to their present Oakville location in 1976, Dearcroft has emerged as a highly respected leader in the educational community.To learn more about the Dearcroft Montessori School visit their website here.

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