Crown Caisson

Case History:
crown_caissonCrown Caisson
Calgary, Alberta

Crown Caisson required a fleet of mobile offices for use in the oil fields of Alberta. As well as being totally self contained, these trailers would also have to serve as sources of temporary power, be suitable for storage of tools and constructed to withstand the abuse of transporting over rough terrain.

Provincial Partitions designed and constructed twenty four units – 8’6″ wide and 26’0″ long. Each unit is complete with a washroom equipped with a propane toilet, office area with built in furniture and a compressor room constructed with a steel checkerplate floor designed to carry 3000 lbs of tools and equipment. The main frame of each trailer is rated to carry a total load of 20,000 lbs and is complete with dual axle tandem wheels and electric brakes. The initial project was so successful that Crown Caisson placed an additional order for more trailers to be constructed over the course of the following year.

Provincial Partitions has introduced a series of wheeled portable units. The trailers are available in both 10′ and 12′ widths, and of any length up to 60′. The wheeled mobile offices, trailers and office complexes can be purchased or leased.

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