selectronSelectron approached Provincial Partitions Ltd. to provide a Smoking Shelter that would go ‘way above and beyond’ the requirements of what most ordinary smoking shelters provide. Not only did it need to be attached to the existing building and blend in with the décor, but it had to be secure as well. Add to that weather tight construction, photocell operated lighting, a motion controlled ventilation system that shuts down when vacant and, well, you get the picture.

Case History Example:
Newmarket, Ontario

Provide a smoke shelter that complements the existing architecture and provides secure access for employees only.

The two combined pieces measure 12’x24′ with a 6’x10′ link and are designed to accommodate imposed snow loads from the existing building. It is a prepainted, welded, hollow structural steel frame with 1/2″ plexiglass and commercial aluminum doors complete with maglocks and integrated seating. One of the many added benefits of modular construction provides that smoking shelters, including this one, can be factory built off site avoiding any disruptions in day-to-day operations.

Clearly, providing year round comfort for the employees of Selectron was paramount.

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